“Good food brings people together”

I am originally from Thailand but I moved to South Shields more than 10 years ago after marrying a true Geordie. I woke up one day and realised that I wanted to pass on my passion for Thai food to others and hence the business was born. I tailor all of my classes to suit different food preferences be they pescatarian, vegetarian or they just want the original classics and whichever one it is always done in an authentic Thai way. Since launching the school I have now taught hundreds of people how to make variety of Thai dishes.

My secret ingredient for the classes lies in my passion to inspire people to understand our culture so they can understand the dishes, their origins, the ingredients sourced to help all those taking part to have the knowledge to make their own stunning Thai dishes, in a relaxed and casual home setting.

“Cooking Thai food is my passion, it takes me back to my childhood. It can be quite different to other cuisines, it’s so unique. I just love sharing the skills and knowledge in my classes.